Lt. Col. Insignia on the dress blue uniform of Donald G. Spies.

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The Traveling Museum of WWII allows people, young and old, to come in contact with actual pieces of history from 70+ years ago. From uniforms to helmets, medals of valor, to personal letters and photographs, the museum gives people a chance to connect with the past and have a greater understanding of this incredible time in our history. Most of the pieces have been donated by veterans and their families so they are not just pieces in a museum, but actual stories Ben tells of these heroes’ lives. It is a true interactive history lesson! Our goal is to create a trailer-based mobile museum to travel the country.

Frank Klum donating medals he earned
​during the war

Traveling Museum

Uniform of T5 Gail Morehead donated by Jeri Belnap

​The Donald G. Spies collection was donated by Linda Araujo.

Magazine donated by Debra Berman

Bringing History Alive

Collection donated by Steve Adams