Traveling Museum

The Traveling Museum of WWII allows people, young and old, to come in contact with actual pieces of history from 70+ years ago. From uniforms to helmets, medals of valor, to personal letters and photographs, the museum gives people a chance to connect with the past and have a greater understanding of this incredible time in our history. Most of the pieces have been donated by veterans and their families so they are not just pieces in a museum, but actual stories Ben tells of these heroes’ lives. It is a true interactive history lesson! Our goal is to create a trailer-based mobile museum to travel the country.

Frank Klum donating medals he earned
​during the war

Bringing History Alive

The Traveling Museum of WWII is not just a museum... 

it is an experience.

Students throughout the nation learn about WWII through original artifacts that are over 70 years old. 

The Traveling Museum of WWII honors the memories of hundreds of veterans from all branches through remarkable pieces of history donated by the veterans or their families. 

A student explores uniforms from WWII in the Traveling Museum.  All uniforms have an information tag that gives educates the next generation about the soldier who wore it over 70 years ago.

We bring history to you!

The Traveling Museum of WWII makes an impact and a lasting impression on everyone who sees it. Stories of bravery and heroism are told through original artifacts such as uniforms, medals, helmets, and photographs. Many of the students who see the Traveling Museum of WWII at their schools are amazed by the history and the incredible story of the war. For some, this is their first museum experience.

WWII veteran Frank Klum donating medals and V-Mail from his time in service.

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