The WWII Veterans History Project, Inc. is a non-profit organization that strives for historic preservation of the memories of the men and women who saved our country and the world during the Second World War. Our founder, Benjamin Mack-Jackson, was moved to educate and inspire his generation, and future generations, to better understand and appreciate the sacrifices made by the Greatest Generation. He is sharing his life-changing experiences, educating the public with the Traveling Museum of WWII, and encouraging other young people to find their passion and create a voice for themselves.

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Founder, WWII Veterans History Project

Benjamin Mack-Jackson is the 15-year-old founder of the WWII Veterans History Project. He dedicates his time to preserving the memories of WWII veterans and educating his generation about the importance of history and remembering their past. Being an avid motivational speaker, Benjamin has made an impact on thousands of kids across the country through educational presentations.

Starting when he was just 13 years old, Benjamin has conducted over 50 interviews with WWII veterans and collected hundreds of original WWII artifacts for display in the Traveling Museum of WWII. His collection of historical memorabilia has also proved to be a valuable educational tool for people both young and old.

​In addition to running his non-profit, Benjamin is a 10th Grade High School student and a competitive swimmer. He also is an active writer for publications around the world.

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