In this inspiring story, 1st Lieutenant Dorothy Baggett talks about her experiences when she helped liberate Dachau concentration camp. She served in Europe during the war and was attached to an evacuation hospital. Our first female veteran interview! >>

In this interview, WWII veteran P.F.C. David Baldwin talks about serving in Europe during the war and saw (and volunteered) for action during the Battle of The Bulge. From living in German bunkers, to seeing miracles, his story will have you on the edge of your seat! >>

The WWII veterans History Project sat down with Private First Class Roy Morrison to talk about his time during the service. Hear how he had a personal encounter with General Patton as well as the fierce conditions on Omaha Beach, and how he received the Purple Heart. >>

WWII Marine Corps veteran Jack Walker describes his experiences fighting in the Pacific theater during the war. He describes his  adventures on Guam and Iwo Jima, as well as how he met his future wife who was also a Marine. >>

In this video, WWII veteran Irving Locker speaks about his experiences while serving in the 116th AAA Gun Battalion during the war. From landing at Normandy on D-Day, to liberating a concentration camp, his interview is a must-see. >>

Giving the Past a Future... One story at a time

The World War II veterans History Project sat down with veteran Lt. Col. Charles Konsler, USAF. Hear his first-hand encounter with a German fighter in the air during World War II, and his journey to Sweden. >>

Watch Lieutenant JG Walter Bowron share his experiences while serving on a Liberty Ship in the Coast Guard. Hear about meeting a famous relative in Morocco, as well as the humorous situations aboard his ship and more in this video. >>

See how the WWII Veterans History Project is preserving the memories of the men and women who saved our country and the world. Discover their stories of the greatest conflict known to mankind. If you were in World War II, we thank you for your service and hope we will have the honor to share your story with the world. 

In a riveting tale of survival and struggle, 1st Lieutenant Roger Boas discusses his time in the U.S. Army Artillery during the war.  From being the first American in a concentration camp, to battling German airplanes from the ground, his interview is full of amazing stories! >>

In this story, WWII veteran Sergeant William McDonald discusses his time serving during the war. He landed on Omaha beach in the first wave on D-Day and fought his way to the Elbe River where he met the Soviets. His story is one of sacrifice and courage and is sure to inspire. >>

In this story, WWII, Korea, and Vietnam veteran Edward L. Wildes shares his experiences while he was in the U.S. Navy. From being shot at by Japanese Zero Fighters, to witnessing Kamikaze attacks, his story is one you don't want to miss! >>

In this interview, we hear the stories of WWII veteran James Patton who served on a repair ship in the U.S. Navy during the war. Hear about being the first American soldiers in Hong Kong, and his amazing experiences during an Honor Flight trip. >>

WWII Veteran Julius Haberman, who served in the 69th Infantry Division during the war, talks about his time in Europe during the war. From going behind German lines to gather reconnaissance information, to encountering a concentration camp, this is a story that is sure to impress.  >>

Hear the exciting stories of Private Manuel Freitas, an infantryman who fought in Europe in the Second World War. He speaks about encountering a fearsome Tiger tank and fighting in the Battle of the Bulge. This is one story that deserves to be heard.>>

In this exciting interview, 99-year-old Private First Class Alvin Hersey takes you back to 1944 when he was fighting in The Battle of the Bulge. He was captured by the Germans and interned at a POW camp. His story is sure to inspire! >>

In this story, WWII USMC Women's Reserve veteran Adele Walker speaks about her time while serving at Quantico during the war. While she was there, she met her future husband who was one of her commanding officers. >>

WWII WAVES Veteran Priscilla Getchell shares her experiences as a Chief Petty Officer in the U.S. Navy during the war. She operated the Navy's earliest flight trainer, the Link Trainer and was also a qualified control tower operator. Her stories as a female service member are sure to inspire.  >>

Tuskegee Airman Daniel Keel shares his story of courage, bravery, and racial discrimination as he fought to be accepted as an officer in the Army Air Corp. When a white officer undermines his group of cadets, Keel and his fellow soldiers fight back to earn the right to serve their nation. >>

WWII Veteran Robert Pope, who served in the 106th Infantry Division during the war, speaks about his time as a POW for 4 1/2 months in Germany. He and fellow prisoners were forced to repair bombed railroad tracks and do other heavy labor after being captured during the Battle of the Bulge.  >>

Watch WWII Purple Heart recipient Alfred Scheibner share his incredible experiences while serving with the renowned 3rd Infantry Division. From fighting in North Africa, to liberating Rome, and being wounded in France, this is one interview you don't want to miss! >>

In this interview, WWII Army Air Corps veteran Edward Quigley takes us back to Stalag 1, a German POW camp, after he was shot down on a mission over Germany. Fourteen months later, he was liberated by the Russians, and had some crazy experiences even after being freed. >>

World War II veteran Corporal Richard Waters describes his experiences while in the Marines during the war. He fought against the Japanese on Guam while serving with the famous 3rd Marine Division. Oo-rah!  >>

Watch World War II veteran Private  First Class David Lofgren tell his amazing story. From fighting in the Battle of the Bulge, to liberating a German labor camp, this interview is packed with excitement! >>

World War II veteran Staff Sergeant Frank Klum, USAF discusses his time in North Africa, Sicily, and Corsica. He was part of the Kasserine Pass Battle, and bombed targets for generals such as Patton and Montgomery. >>

WWII WAC veteran Vivian Abalan, shares her stories from her time in service during WWII in this interview. She talks in detail about her time while serving on various bases across the United States. In addition, get an inside look at her amazing military scrapbook. >>

WWII U.S. Navy veteran Ken Pennington tells about serving aboard the aircraft carrier U.S.S. Princeton during the war. While aboard that ship, it was bombed by a Japanese plane and sunk off the coast of the Philippines. His tragic story is one you don't want to miss. >>

In this video, you will hear the exciting stories of WWII veteran Andrew (Wayne) Kunkel. He speaks about his time fighting in the thick hedgerows of Normandy, and being wounded in a battle that killed most of his company. >>

USMC Captain Bill Cumbaa takes us back to the front lines of the Pacific Theater of WWII. He tells about his intense encounters with Japanese soldiers on the island of Peleliu, and how his platoon was credited with killing 52 enemy soldiers.  >>


WWII Veteran Vince Bolevich shares his incredible experiences while serving the Marine Corps during the war. He fought on the islands of Saipan and Tarawa in the Pacific, serving in the 2nd Marine Division. His breathtaking story of battle is one you won't want to miss. >>

In this action packed interview, WWII veteran Glenn Christians talks about serving in the U.S. Navy during the war. While stationed on merchant ships crossing the Atlantic, he was sunk by German U-Boats 3 times. This interview is a must-see!  >>

Seaman First Class Richard Irwin shares his stories about the U.S.S. Oregon City during the latter part of WWII. He talks about getting seasick while on patrol for submarines in the Atlantic as well as his important job aboard the ship. >>

WWII Veteran Florence Johnson shares her stories from her time in the U.S. Navy WAVES during the war. She talks about what life was like for a WAVE stationed in Washington, D.C., and shows the uniforms and insignia that she wore over 70 years ago. >>

WWII veteran Allen Long shares his stories from his time in the U.S. Army's 69th Division during the war. He tells about how he was wounded twice, and nearly escaped death on numerous occasions. This story of survival and sadness will have you in tears. >>

Robert Dickinson was a gunnersmate 3rd class in the US Navy during WWII and a member of the original crew of the USS Queenfish. The Queenfish sunk the Japanese ship Awa Maru and due to this, the Queenfish has become one of WWII's most legendary submarines. Find out why, here. >>

In this action packed interview, WWII U.S. Army veteran Jim Davis shares his experiences while serving in the 34th Infantry Division during the war. He was shot in the leg while in Italy and personally describes that encounter. >>

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In this two-part video interview, Tail Gunner Sam Mastrogiacomo shares his harrowing  experiences while fighting for control of the skies in Europe during World War II. He was captured by Sweden and  interned in a prison camp before escaping after 6 months of captivity.>>