Benjamin has touched thousands of people's lives with his message of hope for the future. In addition to an interactive history lesson, he engages the audience and gets them excited about the next generation.  From veteran organizations, to community service groups, historical associations, and just about anyone else, Ben will inspire your group and make your event one to remember.

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Have Ben inspire your students and educate them about WWII.

Founder Benjamin Mack-Jackson has spoken to thousands of students with the goal of educating his generation, and generations to come, about history, veterans, compassion, generosity, bravery, and giving back. He encourages young people to find their passion and create a voice for themselves.

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Need a military memorabilia display at your event and already have a speaker planned? The Traveling Museum of WWII is perfect for such an occasion. Most of the pieces have been donated by veterans and their families so they are not just museum pieces, but actual stories Ben tells of these heroes' lives.

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